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From Cary NC:

Such a relief when I locked myself out of my car, John was professional and FAST even in Cary. Apex lock and key was so helpful, will use again!

From Apex NC:

Without question the best locksmith I have ever used. Courteous, professional service. Reasonably priced. Prompt. Neat and clean.

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Door Scopes, or peep holes, are excellent devices to use in your home or place of business.

For residential use door scopes work great for when kids are home alone, or if you just don’t feel like talking to a solicitor. They could also potentially help you identify a threat.

In commercial environments, door scopes are perfect for back door deliveries and any other situation where it is necessary to positively identify the person on the other side of the door before it is opened.

A revolutionary new product which virtually eliminates the conventional peephole. With large Door Scope the viewer can see outside the door from up to 7 feet inside the security of home or business. No more straining to see the visitor at the door. With the large Door Scope advanced optics, the viewer receives a clear picture of the entire door area for quick, accurate and reliable identification of all visitors.

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