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From Cary NC:

Such a relief when I locked myself out of my car, John was professional and FAST even in Cary. Apex lock and key was so helpful, will use again!

From Apex NC:

Without question the best locksmith I have ever used. Courteous, professional service. Reasonably priced. Prompt. Neat and clean.

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Hi-Tech Chipped Transponders Key Duplication

Have a newer car with a hi-tech car key that has a transponder laser cut key? Don’t go to the dealer, we can recreate your Hi-tech key for a lot less. Our state of the art equipment in our new store location at 1200 E Williams St  Apex, NC 27502 allows us to easily duplicate your chipped, transponder, laser cut or any hi-tech key in store while you wait. Save time, money and have the peace of mind knowing you have a spare key just in case you need. Our hi-tech key duplication services include:

  1. Laser cut keys – Commonly found on newer vehicles
  2. Electronic Chipped Keys – Any type of key that contains an electronic signal2. Transponder keys – Commonly found on higher end vehicles
  3. Rolling code keys – Typically found on Luxury cars like Mercedes
  4. V.A.T.S – GM cars like Chevrolet or Pontiac
  5. P.A.T.S keys – Ford Cars and trucks
  6. Key Fobs – We can custom order these for your vehicle

Give us a call or visit us in store to help with your hi-tech car keys needs.