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From Cary NC:

Such a relief when I locked myself out of my car, John was professional and FAST even in Cary. Apex lock and key was so helpful, will use again!

From Apex NC:

Without question the best locksmith I have ever used. Courteous, professional service. Reasonably priced. Prompt. Neat and clean.

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Does your business have too many keys for all the different doors?

Our locksmith’s can build a custom master key system for your business with ease. If there are too many keys for you to carry we can simplify that with a custom master key system.

A Master Key System– (MK)  Is a key system in which one key can operate multiple locks in a group and each cylinder can be operated by it own key or any combination of keys.

Give us a call at (919)387-3884 for a FREE no pressure estimate to install Master Key System in your Office.