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From Cary NC:

Such a relief when I locked myself out of my car, John was professional and FAST even in Cary. Apex lock and key was so helpful, will use again!

From Apex NC:

Without question the best locksmith I have ever used. Courteous, professional service. Reasonably priced. Prompt. Neat and clean.

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The automatic door closures in your business are very important pieces for hardware that are often overlooked. They not only keep climate control expenses down but also provide a great level of security when used in conjunction with automatic locking hardware.

Automatic door closures also come with a great deal of risk embedded if not installed properly or of poor quality. The major risk involved with door closures are:

  • Generally the only piece of hardware on your door that is mounted overhead and is also under operation when being walked under.
  • the only piece of hardware on your door that contains hydraulic fluid that is not only a skin irritant but also can leak on a floor causing a slick floor.

Since there is so much risk involved with using a poor quality door closure, Apex Lock and Key only sells Made in USA automatic door closures installed by one of our professional locksmiths.

If you need a Door Closure installed or are concerned about your current Door Closure, CALL US – (919)387-3884.